Tool Sharpening Course by Alan Kay

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September 10th
2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
84 Roberts Road, TEB
Murphy, NC 28906

You will learn to sharpen basic tools by hand. A dull tool is useless. Instruction will also be provided in basic tool usage in real world conditions as both a tool and a weapon. Bring a knife or tool (less than 8″ edge) to sharpen at the class. Each student will receive a file to take home.¬†All other sharpening tools will be provided.

Burgers and hot dogs will be provided after the class.

Cost: $49.00

Payment must be received prior to September 8th to reserve your place. Send checks to:

Alan Kay
84 Roberts Road
Murphy, NC 28906

2 thoughts on “Tool Sharpening Course by Alan Kay”

  1. Fifty bucks? Wow… but it would probably be worth it. I’ve watched a number of tutorials, and bought a lot of different sharpening tools… and I’m pretty confused. I do all right sharpening my knives, but can’t yet figure out how to sharpen some of the other tools I have, and scissors defeat me completely. Wish I lived there.

    1. What would you charge for getting a sharpened tool, a file to sharpen to take home, four hours of training and dinner?

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