The Appalachian Messenger – September 18, 2015

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
Real Money

Paul Rosenberg
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Thrive

Publius Huldah
The Truth About the “Supremacy Clause”

Grid Down Medicine
Difficult Pressure Dressings

Sam Culper III
Why Is the Pentagon Moving Communications Equipment to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex?

Peter White
“Whaddya got?”: Some Thoughts on Protecting Your People & Property in the Event of Collapse – Part 1

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3 thoughts on “The Appalachian Messenger – September 18, 2015”


    The Army is a joke and has been for 2 decades now.. Tinkerbells wear tan boots. After reading the drivel sfc bery has written, along with his green vomit brethren, it’s pretty obvious they are not of the people and should be considered HVTs along with their families.. I have found my motivation to fight. They really believe they’re better than civilians. These “special”(read short-bus) soldiers bleed red and die just as easy as anyone else. Their intentions are no better than the tyrants they would replace. Think long and hard about yourselves and then do the right thing, kill yourselves. We see thru your B.S. and will plan accordingly.

  2. You must discern for yourself the content of this message.
    It is provided in good faith.

    11. Cana – The First Sign 09/11/2015

    Mary, the Mother of Jesus speaks:

    No time to waste. Do not delay. Do not say, “Let us see if all of this happens as Our Lady has said”. Is not my word firm? Do I not speak to prepare my children? Others might question but my children must believe.

    The weeks ahead are very important. They are not to be wasted in idle speculation. In the coming days, I will tell you exactly what you need to know. These will be very special words. Set your wild imaginings aside and ponder my words.

    First, you must walk very closely with me, much closer than you have ever been. These weeks are filled with my greatest favors, especially for those who understand and believe. Do not omit your rosary. In those moments I will come, meet you and give you light.

    Second, the collapse will not come out of the blue. The signs of economic difficulties have already appeared. The experts study the trends and try to explain the causes. However, although the collapse will certainly be due to human causes, what will happen cannot be forecasted by human experts. Their minds do not see the extent to which the economic structures have been weakened nor can they predict the responses to the initial difficulties. All that you need to know is that an economic collapse will take place while the Holy Father is in the United States.

    Third, I have deliberately brought him to these shores so that the events will be associated with his visit. This is my clear sign of the role of the Holy Father and of the Catholic Church in the reconstruction of society and of God’s saving actions for the human race.

    Fourth, this collapse and the presence of the Holy Father are only the beginning of the events. The collapse is Satan’s action and the Holy Father’s presence is my action. These actual events will show what I have been saying during these years of the locutions. The present world events are just the manifestations of the unseen battle being waged by Satan against the kingdom of Jesus. Because the world has lost faith in Jesus’ kingdom, it cannot understand or explain what is going on. Even worse, the world aids and abets Satan and, by past decisions, has brought on this collapse.

    Even when the events happen exactly as I have said, many will still not believe my words. However, millions of people (of all faiths) will begin to believe. The events will be like Cana of Galilee, the first of Jesus’ signs which helped his disciples to believe in him. Such will be the events when the Holy Father is in America. I have deliberately brought the Holy Father to America so all the world will see my sign.

    If you are so inclined, go to and read the “recent messages” in the column on the right to get the full context of this event.

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