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12 thoughts on “The Appalachian Messenger”

  1. What would be the chances of including the Upstate of SC in the group of Western North Carolina, North Georgia and Tennessee? It seems like a natural fit to me being the most conservative part of SC and part of the foothills of the great Appalachian Mountains Redoubt. 😉

    I certainly know there are a large number of Patriots living in the Upstate that do and will support what you are accomplishing.

    Excellent first issue and I’m very much looking forward to future issues on things that address the issues we should pay attention too both nationally but most importantly in our local communities.

  2. Strange. He seems like a good guy and I would think this would be right up his alley but you never know. I was thinking he was in NC though but not positive. He’s not the only one in the area though.

    Unfortunately, for many, they are set in their ways and get somewhat close-minded, not saying that is why he hasn’t contact you back.

    I always say, don’t say no until you know what you’re saying no to. In other words, check things out with an open mind before making a decision.

    That does seem to be a problem in the Liberty movement at times. Rather than focusing on LIberty, the end goal, we get bogged down in the little insignificant details and forget that we all want the same end goal.

    Again, good job on your first edition and keep up the good work. Looks like you’ve got an excellent staff lined up.

  3. I live in the opposite corner of the US (Washington state) but wanted to let you know that I think this newsletter is great – love the first issue. I don’t want to see a service like this fail – is there going to be a way to contribute/pay a subscription to keep this going? At first I thought that maybe Remus from the Woodpile Report had resurfaced!

    Keep up the great work – it is much appreciated.


  4. Terrific content, interesting read, and inspiring. I feel so enriched now that Report from the woodpile is back and I’ve discovered your paper. I’m looking forward to diving in to the archives. Thanks from SW Michigan!

  5. I’m just over the mountain here in Franklin, NC. Any thoughts on hardcopy distribution in this area? I would be happy to assist as an attache’.

  6. OK, guys… what’s the deal here? I realized today that it had been a long, long time since I got an alert of a new issue… and come to find the last one here is May 5th!! It is now July 27th… Hope all is well there.

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