Patriot Conference – September 29th and 30th


SHORT FUSE: Information you need for coming events.


You have to understand that no one is coming to help you except your kith and kin.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Tom Baugh – Building an effective local government that minimizes authority (and corruption)
  • Sam Culper (via Podcast) – Development of human terrain in your area
  • T.L. Davis – Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929
  • Robert Gore – How to survive an economic collapse
  • Charley Hogwood – The importance of a good mental state in a SHTF situation
  • Dr. Phillip Ley – Setting up a medical facility in a SHTF situation
  • Hans Mentha – Rightful Liberty and Common Law – an overview of my explorations related to:
      Conflict in Society
      Liberty and Common Law
      Social Change
  • Peter White – In a Gang or on a Gang’s Menu

Round Table Topic:

Law and order in austere conditions.


Lies of Omission

T.L. Davis will be showing Lies of Omission followed by a round table discussion.


This conference will be held at the Appalachian Network Community Center at the address shown above.


$50 per person before September 1st, 2018. The price includes one catered meal each day. Since this event will be limited to 90 attendees at this time, payment does not confirm your reservation. The remaining fees will be used to offset speaker travel costs and door prizes. Send checks to the above address made payable to David DeGerolamo.


People and companies who wish to sponsor this event can send a check to the above address made payable to David DeGerolamo. Sponsors will be noted here and the funds will be used only to offset the costs associated with this conference.

$50 – Bronze

$100 – Silver

$150 and up – Gold 

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Additional Information:

Camping will be available on the 28 acres of the community center starting on September 28th.

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