Glen Tate on the Appalachian Messenger

Someone is taking the idea of the Pierce Point Patriot newspaper to heart and doing it for real! How cool is that?

8 thoughts on “Glen Tate on the Appalachian Messenger”

  1. The news sheet should be formatted to automatically display on-screen to max allowable width, and limit the text size which will require scrolling to read the complete document. The print format must also limit the text printing to a reasonable size. The current formatting is producing unreadable text, both on screen and in the print version. 8.5X11, which is what most folks have available.

    The on-screen size IS viewable when viewing the PDF print preview, but when printing or viewing the document on the home page, it is unusable. These are all formatting problems and a good programmer can easily correct them. Sorry, but I am not that programmer. I have owned and run large websites, and the problem is fixable.

    I like the newsletter concept and content when I can read it. 😉


  2. I’ll second on the readability. We need a printable version, I’ve taken to trying to print copies of the newsletter and taking it to get together s. Now I can print at 11×17 at work but not at home.

  3. I am very thankful for it. I read it on-line and save a copy of the .pdf file in case I want to re-check anything later. I haven’t printed to read yet. Thanks!

    Best Regards,

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