Basic Rifle Course – December 2nd and 3rd

Basic Rifle Course
December 2nd and 3rd
Tactical and Educational Building (TEB)
84 Roberts Road
Murphy, NC 28906

This course will start at 9:00 AM on 12/2. Instructors are licensed and insured by the NRA. Cost is $100 and must be paid by 11/22 to reserve your place. Couples will receive a 10% discount.

There are no prior requirements for this class other than a willingness to learn how to safely operate and maintain the Armalite Rifle (AR). This class is required for advanced classes. The first day is classroom based and the second day is on the TEB range (rain or shine).

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Course Outline:

Day 1 

Safety Brief

AR-15 Weapons System Familiarization

Cleaning and Maintenance

How does the AR-15 work

Determine Master Eye

Safety Manipulation


Weapons Condition Check (Observe)

Search and Assess

Marksmanship Fundamentals

Natural Point of Aim

Sight Alignment and Sight Picture


Trigger Control

After each shot

Speed of Execution

Firing Positions

Gear Placement

Administrative Load

Tactical Reload

Combat or Speed Reload

Simple Malfunctions 

Day 2 

Zero Rifles

Range Drills

  • Rifle Drill 1: Up Drill
  • Rifle Drill 2: Reset Drill
  • Rifle Drill 3:  Reloads
  • Rifle Drill 4: Three Little Chickens Malfunction Drill

Items to bring:

AR-15 Rifle with adjustable sling

Chest rig

250 rounds 5.56/223 55 gr (No green tip). Reloads are not recommended.

6 empty 30 round AR magazines

Hearing protection

Eye protection


Cleaning supplies: solvent, lubricants, cotton patches, cleaning rod/tips.

Extra set of batteries for optics. Instructions for optics. This is not required if you will be using iron sights.


Appropriate clothing for rain and weather conditions

Lunch for both days

7 thoughts on “Basic Rifle Course – December 2nd and 3rd”

  1. Why just the AR platform? There are a great many other rifles available, and similar instruction would be good for any of them. I don’t own an AR of any sort, and never will. I have too many rifles already. 🙂

    1. This is the main rifle platform used by our military. It is well established, accurate and lightweight. The man who wrote the POI for this course has 25 years of experience in the military including special forces. When he first started this program, he allowed different platforms. The different rifles caused more explanation and time.

  2. That’s great… unless you wanted to actually teach _basic_ rifle. 🙂 Not everyone has an AR… so those who don’t won’t be coming to your classes. No biggie… I couldn’t come if I wanted to. I’m an Appleseed graduate and a retired firearms instructor. I filled my classes regularly because I offered to teach the actual basics, which they could then use to run any gun they owned. Different strokes for different folks, of course. Just thought I’d ask. 🙂

    1. This course is actually called Basic Carbine in the POI. Anyone interested in an overview of rifles is welcome to take the NRA rifle course.

  3. ML, I have 20 years military experience and could probably teach much of this course, but I’m certain there is also much to learn from it. I wish I could convince my wife to take it. I likely won’t be there this time, but could appreciate the course, especially since it is a prerequisite for more advanced training. Even with my experience and training, I could benefit from knocking off some dust and cobwebs before getting into the deeper training. Additionally, I can appreciate a course that is not your run of the mill appleseed training. There are many shooters who are very familiar with the basics, but are new to the AR platform, or feel like they aren’t getting enough from watching YouTube videos while getting to know their new AR. I met a young man who bought his first AR, and I spent considerable time with him at his kitchen table, several times, familiarizing him with that weapon platform. He would call me and ask me to come by and explain why his rifle wasn’t going back together. He just needed to practice the takedown and reassembly a little more, but he quickly started feeling much more familiar and comfortable with the rifle. This all occurred before his first range trip with the rifle. His first time shooting it was very pleasant because he wasn’t experiencing the frustration of figuring out the entire rifle while trying to zero it. With an appleseed course, one can more easily transition from one deer rifle or .22 plinker to another. Once one has learned basic rifle shooting fundamentals, a step to an AR can still be a large step, even for many long time shooters with no military background or other exposure to the platform. I believe this course is a specific one, designed for shooters who are not necessarily totally new to shooting, but would like that personal AR platform familiarization. Not everyone has a veteran for a neighbor. It’s perfectly fine to have a world where this course exists alongside the appleseed program.

    1. This course is designed for new shooters. It is designed for the carbine rifle. Women have done very well taking this course.

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